Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You — Translation Approach

Source: Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You — Translation Approach


Story I wrote…..

Life As We Never Knew It

Roses are roses.

Love is love.

But life is a gift from God.

And death?

Well, they will always come after life.


Because all things come to an end. No matter what or who…. they are.

Now  this  story  is  about  what  will  happen  when  things  start  to  collide,  and  I  can  tell  you  as  a  FACT………’s  NOT a pretty sight!

As midnight drew, it become pitch black, a night of a full moon.

 (this is where I wrote more! Enjoy!)

 Life  rose  around  me  as  I  took  each  step.  Though,  each  step  I  take,  could  just  as  well  be  my  last.  For who  knows  what  crawls  through  this  forest,  but  I’m  not  scared.  At  least  not  this  time……

Ah,  I  remember  a  time  when  I  used  to  be  afraid  of  these………’’Things.’’  But  now  they’re  just  little…..’’Things’’ that  scatter across  whenever  I’m  around.

Most  of  you  might (just  might!) have  NO  IDEA  of what  I’m  talking (or in this case, reading)  about.  So,  in  stand  of  leaving  you  clueless,  we’re  going  back  to  the  top.  Before  everything  changed, but  this  time…………..not  for  the  better…..

So, like  a  normal  person,  I  go  to  school.  Although, unlike a  normal  person, I  skipped  three  grades!  I’m  now  in  year 9, but  I’m  only  13! Okay fine! 12  and  a  half. Still, I’m the most  smartest person in the WHOLE SCHOOL! But that not surprising since the WHOLE SCHOOL is dumber than my baby brother and he’s 4! If you don’t believe me, than listen (or read) to my conversion with two teenagers whose phones and laptops were taken away.

Me: (walking into the classroom)

Teenager 1: ‘I can’t like, BELIEVE that OUR parents took OUR stuff!’

Teenager 2: ‘I know! That’s like, so mean!’

Me: (sitting down next to them.)

Teenager 1: ‘Isn’t it like, against the law or something?’

Teenager 2: ‘Even if it isn’t, it should like, totally be a law or something.’

Teenager 1: ‘Yeah, I mean like, how am I going to like do my homework?’

Teenager 2: ‘Yeah, and how do I like, find out what


Me: ‘It equals 21 and  we learnt this  in year 3 and again in math’s class 2 minutes ago!’

Both teenagers: ‘Like, really?’

Teenager 1: ‘I thought it was like, Italian class?’

Teenager 2: ‘Me too! All I like, heard was “bla blab la bla and that’s the end of bla!”

Me: ‘Why do I get the feeling that you guys weren’t listening?’

Both Teenagers: ‘Like, what?’

Me: (start to talk like them) ‘Like nothing! You know you’re both like, totally M.C!

Teenager 1: Is that like, “BFF’’ and “LOL’’?’

Me: ‘Like, totally! M.C is Major Clue-less!’

Teenager 2: ‘Oooh! That is like, totally cool! We should like, use that!’

Me: (roll my eyes and sit somewhere else)

Teenager 1: ‘Yeah! Wait, didn’t that girl like called us like, M.C, Major Clue-less?’

Teenager 2: ‘Nah. She’s like, too kind. You know what I mean?’

Teenager 1: ‘Yeah, she’s like, too nice. Hey, where did she like, go?’

Now YOU know what I have to put up with!……………….

……TO BE CONTINUED………(I hope you like it!)

Some Funny Facts!!!!!

Here’s 10 facts.

1.You are reading this comment.  2.You are realizing  that  it is a stupid fact.  4.You didn’t notice that I skipped three.  5.You’re checking now.  6.You’re smiling.  7.You’re still reading my comment.  9.You didn’t realize that I skipped eight.  10.You’re checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again.  11.You’re enjoying it.  12.You didn’t realize there are only supposed to be ten facts.



Press on that and YOU will see my HYDRO-ELECTRICITY power point!


What’s your hobby?

What do you like?

One of my hobbies are…. creative writing!!

Comment on what YOU like!


School!!!!……or not?

School or no school?

Do you like school or do you hate it?

Comment on what you think.

Story I wrote……

I wrote this is story when I got bored of homework. It’s not finished but still I hope you like this.


Roses are roses.

Love is love,

But life is a gift from God.

And death?

Well, they will always come after life.


Because all things come to an end. No mather what or who they are.

Now this is about what will happen if things start to collide, and I can tell you as a FACT……..

…’s NOT a pretty signt.

As midnight drew, it became pitch black, a night of a full moon………

That’s all I wrote so far. I hope you liked it!!

I will write more soon…..

Money and Happiness?

Money and Happiness?

Is it me or can money really buy you happiness. Or is it something that creates an illusion of happiness?

What do you think?




Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, is the LAST EVER  Harry Potter movie.. =(

It’s a good thing that I watched in a place were I will always remember =)


One beautiful place…..

One of the most beautiful places  has to be the Niagra Falls, both the American and the Canadian side.

And I’ve been there!!!!

At night, the lights shine on the waterfall in different colours and makes it look so beautiful!!


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